RAD-Kid Diaries

Books and Stories for our Kids....

The Parable About the King by Beth Moore..a wonderful story of forgiving and loving your child
The Comeback Dog- a story of a boy and a dog that doesn't trust....
So You Want to be a Prince? by Deborah Hage... for the boy who wants to be the boss
So You Want to be a Princess?  by Deborah Hage... for the girl who wants to be the boss 
Don't Touch My Heart....about a boy with attachment disorder                                   
Me and My Volcano by Deborah Hage, A child's story about RAD
Little Bunny Says Good-bye to Birth Mother....a story of  saying goodbye                  
The Forever Child books
The Duck That Could Not Swim  - A Children' A Children's story about being adopted
This is Dr. Post from OK.....He has had huge success working with our kids.......
Click here for his site
Through the eyes of hurting children......

Why I Hate Her....she thinks I'm trying to get people to hate her...so she will try and turn the tables
Jesse's Song.....she feels like we are kidnappers
Can You see Me?....Nancy Thomas made me look at my kids through their eyes
Run....Why do they run away?
Dark Longings of a Sad RAD.....After so much hurt and disappointment, one can get stuck
I Am a Good Girl!!.....she convinces herself that the real her is who she shows everyone...so she doesn't feel guilty about how she treats me.
I'm Fighting a War...torn between birth and adopted family..switching sides like the tide
I Can Do It Myself....she pushes away...take care of yourself, everyone else has let you down
Can You See My Pain...her pain is invisible so she has to create "abuse" and "bruises" so others will react to what the real pain is from the past
Can You Mommy?.....Seeing through her eye, her ears, her mouth......

Dealing with Sexual Abuse...

Man in the Moon....A child's memory of things that happen in the night
Together Forever...A mock conversation between a grown woman and the child she once was
Confessions....sometimes it's real hard to listen to the details as our child remembers
Based upon hours and hours of conversing with my kids, and many hours and thousands of dollars in therapy... This has been my impression of how my kids view life and why they fight us so...

Patch of Heaven Ministries... author of A safe Place... dealing with sexual abuse