The Journals of a 

Links of Encouragement

Beth Moore Bible Studies-She has the incredible gift of touching a woman's soul and encouraging change

When Your Child Breaks Your Heart

Parenting the Hurt Child by Keck and Kupecky

The Colors of His Abundance by Mary Kathryn Clark- my favorite bathroom Devotion...lots of wisdom and encouragement in small doses (scroll all the way down page)

Elisabeth Elliot- an incredibly wise woman of God

Stormie Omartian speaks on overcoming Depression

Desiring to be a Godly Woman.....A godly woman's blog journey

Do not leave this page without watching this clip!!!!...
How Are We Allowing Our Situation To Change Us?

What Lies Beneath?.....Are you being refined in the fire?
Who Am I?.....I'm losing my identity in my disappointment and anger
What I've Become....I don't like who I'm becoming!!
If Only....Are you caught up in the "if only" trap??
Don't Make Me Cry.....Sometimes I feel like I'm becoming just like them!
Surviving The Daily Battle....

The War that Never Ends - Is their surrender for real??
My Cross to Bear - How much is the sacrifice....can I bear it?
I Know Just How You Feel - Love with no reward
When You're Down - How do you get back up, when you've fallen so far?
The Dance of RAD - How do we bridge the gap between us and them?
RADified and Santified - Turn your complaints into prayers
House of Rage - Will the daily war ever end?  Will I make it through?

Crying out to God...

Freedom - A turn for the better,reaching for hope one last time
A Mother - When your adopted child rejects you because of the abuse they endured
Longing for Love - Living in the birth-mother shadow
The Darkest of Times - A prayer of desperation to God
Oh Child of My Heart - Trying to not lose hope and reach that precious child