Recommended Reading for Dealing with Parenting Issues

  • The Dream Child by Meghan Stewart....... a mother's story about raising her RAD child and the effects it had on her family
  • Working with Rage Filled Children by Foster Cline, MD
  • When Love is Not Enough by Nancy Thomas  

RADs, Rhymes and Reasons 
Food and Hygiene

Communicating and Connecting

  • Success Is - When you're feeling good about things going well 
Parenting Children with Attachment and Control Issues...

  • Happy New RAD Year - What our hopes and dreams and resolutions for our family, are not what most mothers hope for

?? When to Give Up or Do We Ever??

  • How Long? - A mother's poem when  overwhelmed and wanting to give up

The Dreams and Nightmares of Mothering

  • Mount RAD  - (won poetry contest at the challenge of raising a challenging child
Cute video... NOT appropriate for children
For kids in emotional crisis... parenting has to be done much differently... and the world will NOT get it...
Wisdom from the Frontlines - wisdom and advice from those living on the frontlines with hard to raise children...

  • Wisdom from the frontlines - on Communication - Listening to the advice of fellow mothers on communicating with our master-manipulators
Christine Moers is one of my favorite RAD~moms... she has incredible, wisdom, creativity, insight and helpfulness in parenting hard to love children... How I wished I had had her wisdom when I was raising my difficult children...
She has a blog, called Welcome to My Brain and a Youtube video channel which is packed with many parenting videos... Please visit her links... they are well worth the time    
Rules and regulations, without relationship, will birth rebellion... a statement, tried and true...

RAD is like putting mommy in a round room and telling her the cure for her child is in the corner...