Somewhere Out There…
By Kathryn Taylor

Somewhere out there 
on this great big ball of clay
Is the only man alive
Who could revive this heart again-
Won’t know him when I see him,
I’m not sure how tall or wide,
But I know what he is doing
And what he’s like inside-
 I bet right now he’s praying,
Praying just for me...
That God is doing a work,
A work that’ll set me free-
Free to love again,
Free to let pasts go,
Free to give him a chance
‘cause heaven only knows...
how long it will take
to let him touch my heart
and drive away the fears
that could tear it all apart-
I know he loves the Lord,
And is trusting HIM as well
To bring us both together,
As time will surely tell-
He’ll be sure of who he is,
Have a vision for his life…
There’ll be no way of missing
His confidence in Christ-
The proof is in the pudding,
His fruit will be plain to see...
His life will be the telling
If he is right for me-

Keep me on the narrow…
Keep me kind and wise…
Keep me true and honest…
Unmask what I disguise-
Help me to be patient
As I live and learn and grow...
Reveal the things that hinder
And help me to let go-
I know You’re timing’s perfect, 
Perfect in every way,
And when the time is right
He will not be far away-
Until then, mold and keep me,
Prepare me for what’s in store
As You make me into something,
Something worth waiting for…


All rights reserved, ã Kathryn Taylor 2011
Copying without permission for non-personal use is forbidden

Are you in between relationships?  Take the time to heal... to grow... to wait... It will be worth it...
Prayer for a godly husband....
Prayer for a godly wife.....
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by Kathryn Taylor