Somebody’s Knockin’
By Kathryn Taylor

He’s knockin’ on my door
And He wants in…
Oh, how can I trust a man again?…

“I want you to trust,” He says to me-

“But, they’ve all let me down…
can’t you see!!”

He said, “I know… I was there… 
It hurt me, too…
When I saw what they did,
I cried with you…
I was there…
Don’t you remember our talks??
Keeping company on quiet, long walks….
I’m sorry, dear, but they have free will….
Why…. even me… they wanted to kill !
Remember, I am the Way,The Truth, and Life…
Don’t give up because of your strife!
I love you forever…. Hold on to that!
I want you in my fold… please come back!
I was rejected by many as well….
What do you say?…. Please!  Come tell.”

Well…I couldn’t speak…
Nor could I cry….
But, as I looked into His eyes,
I could see His abounding love,
Sent from His Father from above...
He was mine….. paid for and free-
All I had to do was let Him be
Back in my heart…. where I’d asked Him to come
When I was still able to trust someone-

“Oh Lord…I come to You as a child.”

“Now you’ve got it!!” Jesus said and smiled-
I imagined myself running into His embrace,
As He gladly welcomed me through His grace-

1992 All rights reserved, ã Kathryn Taylor
Copying without permission for non-personal use is forbidden

So often, as we grow older, we allow our wounds and hurts to turn us away from God... When it should make us depend on Him more...