~Allies in War~
websites helping families cope and survive
RAD, & Other Juvenile Diagnostic Sites-

Attachment.org .....Nancy Thomas parenting
Deborah Hage, MSW  ....works with RAD and families
Dr. Walter Buenning in CO....Healing with love and limits
ATTACh  .....works with attachment with children
New...Attachment Disorder and Moms....ideas for mothers of special needs kids
Trauma Headquarters....ADSG Home-Attach. Disorder Support Group
Taming the Wild Child-A phone counselling program for RAD and related
my out of control teen......a RAD website
New!! Welcome to Holland....a must read if you grieve raising a child you had
hoped would be so different
The Lives Under Construction Boys Ranch  .....An awesome place that helps young men heal
Center For Family Development.....Attachment therapy
You Gotta Believe ~ older child adoption
Beyond Consequences ~ providing solutions for families with difficult behaviors
Adoption Poetry site
Adoption Week E-zine
Older Child Adoption Issues

Social Network Places, Message Boards, or Email groups to Connect with Other Families

www.steptalk.org step parenting message board site

Facebook........social network

Youtube......social network

StepFamily Help

www.successfulstepfamilies.com a christian site to help step-families
Blending a Family.......Christian blended family
Step-parenting books......a book reading list for stepmothers
Steps for Stepmothers......site for helping stepmothers cope
The Bonded Family Radio Show.....You tube connection
Stepping Stones Counselling for step families
The Bonded Family site...A site to help blended families
Divorce and related Issues

Adult Children of PAS -Amy J Baker......Parental Alienation Syndrome
www.divorcesource.com when all else fails, help with blending or breaking families
Keeping Families Connected.....overcoming parental alienation ministry
Divorce Support....help and advice when going through divorce
Divorce care...support group for adults and children going through the break-up of a family
Help Guide....... a parent's guide to supporting their children through divorce
Divorce and Children.......putting children first when parents part
Divorce Magazine.....divorce and children
Focus On The Family Divorce

Marriage/Relationship/Family Links

No Greater Joy......Sometimes...the old simple ways of life are better
Family Life Today.....with Dennis Rainey
Focus on the Family....with Dr. James Dobson
Building Strong Families....with John Trent
Homeword....ministry for godly parenting and family life
Marriage Builders

Note:  I have created links to books etc. for easy ability to purchase.  However, remember if you are on a limited budget, you can find many of these books in your church library, in public libraries, used bookstores, and places online like ebay.....I found most of my library in Goodwills and yardsales....dig a little!!!!
Awsome Books, Good for the Whole Family

Grace and Truth Books- This book company carries many of the Lamplighter books.  I've read over a dozen of them outloud to my family during our morning devotions.  Every one of them was awesome.  They were written long ago when morals and values were conveyed, rather than superpowers and mystical ways of facing adversity.  This book company breaks down lists by age and sex.  Great site!!
Books for stepmothers..........help for stepmoms

Click on the movie reel for list of movies, reviews, and links for purchase
Adult Issues and Personal Growth Links

Focus on the Family.....dealing with Anger
Borderline Personality Site....when someone you love has borderline personality disorder
Lifeskills International......program to address relationships, domestic violence and what we learned from our childhood, good and bad

Especially for Women Links

Above Rubies....site for godly women seeking to be good wives, mothers and home makers

Especially for Men Links

Strong Fathers.....Site to encourage men to be good fathers and husbands
The Dad Page.....kids need their dads, how to include him
Man in the Mirror...journeying in christian manhood
NewMan E magazine.....
Promise Keepers...men of integrity