A Mother
By Kathryn Taylor

I just wanted to be their mother
Because nobody else would dare…
Abandoned and neglected,
Longing to belong somewhere~
Their family we became,
Hoping the wounds to mend…
Instead, awakening a nightmare
That may not ever end~
Where did those little children go
Who needed the love I had,
And replaced them with these angry ones…
I think they’ve gone mad!!
They hate..and rage..and steal and lie…
And target me for dead~
Somehow they’ve made me their Hitler
Inside their troubled heads~
Their goal in life now seems to be
To destroy me piece by piece~
Satan’s little Trojan horse,
Determined not to cease…
We’ve lost respect, kin, and friends
Because of inquisitors~
Can’t anyone around here see
That we are the prisoners?~
No one will believe our story…
The blame falls in our lap…
All I wanted to be was a mother,
Not a psycho about to snap…
But..I’m not one for quitting...
Each day births hope anew~
I wait and wait on God above
To answer prayers true…

All rights reserved, © Kathryn Taylor
Copying without permission for non-personal use is forbidden.

The heartache of adopting...  when the children have been so wounded that they cannot bond or accept all the love you want to give them...