-Comrades at Arms-
Make new friends, but keep the old... 
One is silver and the other gold...

Peggy's Place-  Sometimes we can find a  friend and get support from a long way away

Christian Friends- 5 traits of a true   friend

True Friendship- it takes trust and time

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You, too?.... Thought I was the only one."           
 C.S. Lewis
Every woman needs a girlfriend...
When you're brokenhearted over relationships

Could You Not Tarry? - Are you losing friends and  support, one by one because they don't understand what is happening in your home?

Proof of Friendship - Good friends are few and far in between.

Walk A Mile - Do you find yourself begging people to understand?  ...and they can't?

For You....There's only one true friend, tried and true who died for you.

Stools and Pews.....Looking for love and friendship in all the wrong places??  What to do?  Where do you go?

Somewhere - Divorced? In between relationships?   Having trouble waiting?  Longing for love?

 Links about Forming Friendships...

Dr. Phil- what he has to say about in~laws
Ex-partners and inlaws- from Blended Family Focus

We were created for relationship...to live isolated brings sorrow and despair...
yet relationships are the hardest thing for all of us, whether in family, in marriage, or in friendship. It is a daily struggle for all, but always worth the fight.
We believe that we could face things far better with someone alongside of us, encouraging, supporting, advising, loving us through the very roughest of times.  But, sometimes, circumstances in life have a way of forcing us face hardship completely alone. That is where I found a deeper, richer, incredible relationship with God because so often, it was just HIM and me. Sometimes, it didn't feel like even HE was there.  Years later, I realized HE was there all the time.
Honestly....by VOTA
♫♫...Honestly can I tell you where I'm at?...Honestly can I pull the curtain back?....Will you run if you see how weak I am?...♫♫
Relationships within the family...
Dealing with yourself... become your own best friend...
I Cry - Getting over the pain of a relationship ending, moving on, letting go
Ice Princess - When pain in relationships cause you to close yourself off to others around you
Together Forever - What would do if you had to sit face to face between you and you, when you were a child?  What would you say?
Daddy's Girl - The father~daughter relationship and how it affects all other male/female relationships

I have come to the conclusion... through reading, experiencing, and discovering ... that one MUST find their identity through Christ... believing that you are fully accepted and pleasing to Him who died for you.  Together with His unconditional love, your ability to strive to be the best you can be, finding your life's purpose and using the gifts that God has given you to help others... brings more peace and joy into your life that can't be taken away... It is also very important to learn to forgive yourself.  Not one of us is perfect.  People around us judge us from their perspective of what is going on, or by what they think they would do in our situation.  I think that 100% of the time, if they were really in our shoes for as long as we, and they had the same strengths, weaknesses and character that we do, we are doing far better than they ever could have.  Carry on, incredible moms and dads.  No one cares more about your family than you do.
Poems of Self-Discovery...
The Real Me...