Dealing with......... Divorce

Relational Pain... Healing and Growing Afterwards....

A Mom Remembers.....Memories of the birth and death of a family....

Ten Ways to Help a Friend Who is Struggling in Their Marriage.....from Focus on the Family

Ice Princess.....when pain in relationships cause you to close yourself off to others around you

What It do we all define love?  What is it after we filter it through the pain in our lives

The Train of a One-Tracked Mind......have you ever thought you knew how it was?  Do you think you knew all there was to know to make the right choice?

The Journey....the pain of watching someone else end their family..... don't do it!

Somewhere......Divorced? In between relationships?  Having trouble waiting?  Longing for love?

I Cry.......getting over the pain of a relationship ending, moving on, letting go
 What about the kids...

I Want My Dad... What happens when a child loses a parent to divorce?

Child of Divorce... What happens when children                               become a weapon to hurt each other?
Divorce and related Links when all else fails, help with                                    blending or breaking families

Keeping Families Connected... overcoming parental alienation ministry 

Divorce and advice when going through divorce

Divorce group for adults and children going through the break-up of a family Parental Alienation Syndrome...when one parent goes to extreme to villainize the other, trying to get the children to hate and not have anything to do with that parent

Adult Children of PAS -Amy J Baker....Parental  Alienation Syndrome... a book about how it affects children when they are      grown... will the ever reconcile with the estranged parent?

Focus on the Family on Divorce

Two House  
by Matthew West
.....incredible song about divorce through a child's eyes
7 X 70 
by Chris August

♫♫....They’ve heard the screaming matches That made a family fall apart They’ve had a front row seat To the breaking of my heart....♫♫

Slow Fade
by Casting Crowns
...when things fall apart, it's never immediate... it's been heading that way for a long time...