There are "doorways" that are created into each person's life, whether opened by ourselves or others...

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From the book Unbound by Neal Lozano…

Common entry points for demons to enter our lives, creating strongholds:

~Response to trauma… our response to trauma and abuse from others, often from our childhood, whether experienced from someone on purpose or by accident.  Things we have hidden and never told anyone about because of guilt or shame.  Or a significant loss such as a death.

~Involvement in the occult...

~Self-inflicted curses...

~Circumstances of birth... A lot of adopted children or children of divorce, children born out of wedlock

~Associations and environment... we open ourselves up to the powers and influence of those we chose to be with... Through, music, activities, places we go and things we do.  We begin to act and think like those we hang out with.

~willful sin... repeated willful acts become bondage to us and become a part of who we are...

~family sins... the family systems we were raised in make us vulnerable to certain things

Recommended Reading For Spiritual Warfare

Excuse Me...Your Rejection is Showing  by Noel and Phyl Gibson

Deliver Our Children From the Evil One by Noel and Phyl Gibson

Spiritual Protection for Your Children by Neil T. Anderson and Pete and Sue Vander Hook

Children's Deliverance by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond

Kingdom Living for the Family by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond

Deliverance from Evil Spirits by Francis MacNutt

Overcoming Rejection by Frank D. Hammond

The Bondage Breaker- youth edition by Neil T. Anderson and Dave Park Neal Lozano

Breaking Christian Curses- Finding Freedom from Destructive Prayers by Dennis Cramer

Power of a Praying Parent by Stormie OmartianStrongman's His Name....What's His Game?  by Drs. Jerry and Carol Robeson
a mom of a child with Reactive Attachment Disorder testifies...

"We have had a miraculous change in our house, and those of you who believe in the power of Jesus, will totally understand this.  Those of you who don't, please let it speak and minister to your heart.

We had a counselor from the US, who is trained in generational sins, satanic powers, and strongholds come to our home and annoint and cast out whatever demonic strongholds were in her life.

We discussed her history, her problems, everything.  Remember, we were at the point where we couldn't do ANYTHING anymore, NO ONE could do anything, not even DR's. 

This counselor prayed very, very specifically over K.  He named strongholds.  He named terrible behaviours (sexual, rage) that have been taking over our home.  He cast them out in Jesus name, renounced them, told Satan he no longer had authority in her life, nor in our home, nor on our property. He prayed for guardian angels to protect her, with a flaming sword in their hand, if any demons tried to return.

(She was sleeping, by the way, when this happened, and she told me later that she saw angels around her bed.)  

When she woke up, the dark cloud was gone, her eyes were clear.  She had a peace about her.  Our home is quiet.  There is a definite change.

Now, I know that we have huge huge things to deal with. She still has mental issues.  Her struggles are not over, not by a long shot.  Satan is not going to be happy with this, and he is finding ways to try and get her back into old habits.   He had a doorway into her life for FAR too long, and she was so innocent of it all.  No wonder we weren't getting anywhere, we were up against some incredible satanic powers, some of which we know were passed down from bio mom.  For example, the sexual acting out is GONE.  The rage & violence is gone.  We still have things to work with, believe me.  A lot of things.   

WE are praising the Lord for this rescue, for the conversion because K's future was turning into us surrendering our parental rights.  Thank God that didn't happen.  Now we have our little girl back..."