Do You Ever Feel like...?

By Kathryn Taylor

Do you ever feel like…
A tulip covered in snow,
A little child who didn't know,
A race that has no end,
A love note no one would send,
A snowflake lost in a storm,
A puppy trying to get warm,
A tree fighting in the wind,
Or a wrestler about to be pinned-
A victim for all of eternity,
Looking hopelessly to be set free-

Then just remember…
Jesus came to set you free,
To give you all of eternity,
To give an out when you get pinned,
To shelter you from the raging wind,
To live in your heart and keep you warm,
To give you strength within the storms-
The Holy Spirit to you He sends
A promised kingdom that has no end,
A burning desire within to know,
And His blood to wash you white as snow-

All rights reserved 2000, ã Kathryn Taylor
Copying without permission for non-personal use is forbidden

Sometimes, it seems, there are no answers or a way out of our extreme pain at the moment. Sometimes things are going to get worse, no matter what. I have lived it, as many others have. Circumstances like that happened in the Bible, all the time. Many of us were desensitized by childhood Bible stories we heard growing up. We fail to look at these same stories with the maturity of an adult. As children, we were spared from the mistakes, failures, pain, and tragedy of the familiar names in the Bible. We assume that these characters were super faith-filled patriarchs. They were not; they were normal human beings like us.
How did David survive all the YEARS of running for his life from a crazy king, knowing that God anointed him to be the next king? How did David and Bathsheba survive their traumatic beginning? How did Noah and his family feel during all those years of ridicule as they built the ark? How did Naomi feel as she lost every member of her family, one by one? Did she wonder where God was?  
I challenge each of you to take all those stories and put yourself in their shoes. Joseph, Daniel, Mary, Abraham, Jacob, Noah, David, Naomi, and many others. Not one of them lacked heartache and tragedy, ridicule, doubt, or hopeless situations. Sometimes God intervened. Sometimes He did not. The only difference I can see in all these people, was that their situations drew them closer to God or pushed them away. The only ones that ever triumphed were the ones who drew closer.  
I often feel my personal situation seems hopeless because of my adopted children's determined rebellion. I view my life right now as wandering in the wilderness, hiding in caves in the dessert, being lowered into the lion's den, laying my son on the alter to be sacrificed, being sold into slavery by my own brothers, to start. My choices are to be angry at God for the injustice of it all or say,
"God, I hate this, but I know You love me and care and You will not
forsake me no matter what it costs me."  

I hurt beyond words… on a daily basis... I struggle with anger, unforgiveness, and disappointment. I cry out to God to soften their hearts. But, you know what, He understands more than anyone else in the world because He loves every human being alive or that has ever lived. Many of them, like some of our children, reject Him, hate Him, don't think they need Him, and think they know what is best for them, even though He went to such great lengths to love us and sent His Son to die for us. Feeling the rejection from my RAD children reminds me every day to love God with all my heart, soul, and mind because anything less would be me treating God like my RADs treat me. Draw close to Him, my friends. Do not measure your daily success by your children's behaviors but on how close you are to the face of God.  

Do you sometimes feel lost, alone, and out of sorts? 
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