When you feel like no one's there... like no one cares...

By Kathryn Taylor

In the dark of night, alone Christ wept
In a secluded place, where He had crept-
Crouched on His knees to God He prayed
And poured from His heart what deep laid-
In pain so great, with blooded brow,
He questioned how else could He endow-
He besought His Father in prayer and weeping
While His closest friends lay nearby sleeping-
What was it like to be misunderstood,
To be seen as evil, when He only meant good?
Can you imagine being betrayed
By the best of friends whose thoughts were swayed?
On this darkest of nights with labored breath
His sorrow had brought Him to the point of death-
He faced it alone, though not by choice-
All He had left was God's still voice.
Have you ever been there,
Where in hopelessness your heart lays bare,
A place of ultimate adversity,
That place which they called Gethsemane?
Christ was alone, but you will never be
He died so that we all could be free-
No matter how friends may let you down
Don't ever forget that thorny crown-
Or that narrow path where He led the way
And upon that cross for you He paid
The ultimate price, no other would do
He did it for me; He did it for you-

 1999 All rights reserved, ã Kathryn Taylor
Copying without permission for non-personal use is forbidden

Being alone when you are suffering seems to escalate the pain to unbearable.  There are aspects to parenting troubled children that take us to this place often.  We parents are many times falsely accused, blamed, and shunned because of our children.   Mostly, I get two responses from friends and family.  First, they will say things like, "I wish I had them for a week or two", "I would never tolerate that in my house.", "If they did that with me, they would be gone", "why don't you do this?," or "why don't you do that?".  It leaves me feeling like they think I have not tried the normal things, that I am a pushover, or am a doormat and weak. 

 Secondly, when they figure out there is something seriously wrong with our kids, they abandon us.  They say, "I can't deal with this",  "That's gross, I will see you later", "I don't know how you do it.", or "I just don't understand."  Sometimes it is even my husband, my other children, my parents.  The phone quits ringing.  People quit dropping by.  Suddenly, your calendar becomes very free.  

I long for someone to come along side of us mothers.  Someone to encourage, not to judge.  Someone that does not think they can do it better.  Someone who won't leave when the going gets tough.  Someone who keeps us company while we carry the burden.  Someone... Someone... Someone... So often, someone turns into another no one.  There is but one, and that is Christ alone.  When we can accept that He alone is enough, we will be alone no longer.  It is then that we can accept the fallible offerings of our human counterparts like Jesus accepted the company of His disciples.  Never forget, you are not alone.


For You