Happy New RAD Year!!

By Kathryn Taylor

It’s a time for resolutions...
It is a time to reflect...
It’s a time to re-evaluate...
A time of circumspect...
For most, it’s going on diets,
Or habits we need to break,
Or to have a cleaner house,
Or get in better shape...
But, for our homes it’s different-
It comes with greater pain,
We assess the progress meter
Of our losses or our gain...
Were there more or less hugs given?
Fewer words of bitterness said?
Many therapy hours wasted?
Where we could’ve played instead...
Was this year worse or better?
Can we survive a worse one yet?
What back-up plans are waiting
So we do not have to fret?
Are the medications working?
Will they finish school this year?
Can I manage my depression?
Will I conquer all my fears?
Will their bedrooms still be standing?
….Or better yet, the house?
By this time next year,
Will I even know my spouse?
For those that are regressing,
What is there yet to try?
Are there avenues of healing
About to catch our eye?
And for those who are still bonding,
What’ll keep it going strong?
Will eggshell-walking tactics
Keep singing the victory song?
Whatever fate awaits us,
In this upcoming year,
May we do it hand in hand,
In faith, and not in fear-
God bless us all!

All rights reserved, Kathryn Taylor 2004
Copying without permission for non-personal use is forbidden

Each year, as families journey through the milestones and holidays... it's just not the same as what normal families experience...