What would you have thought if you happened to see Jesus in the garden that night??...
In the Darkness of Night
By Kathryn Taylor

In the darkness of night, as I was headed home,
I spotted someone weeping; then I heard him groan-
On His knees, in a space secluded,
Praying to His God is what I concluded-
His pain seemed great; His body shaking-
Blood on His brow; my heart was breaking-
I could not move…I simply had to stay-
I ached for the stranger and began to pray,
“Heavenly Father, I’m not sure why
I feel for this man,” from my heart I cried-
“Why is He alone?  Where are His friends?
He hurts enough to die; make His suffering end.
He’s asking of You; can’t You hear His call?
Give Him what He wants…please, don’t let Him fall?”
I was growing angry…. I could not understand
Why God wouldn’t comfort this hopeless, hurting man.

God replied, “Dear child, I want you to know
This is my beloved Son, and I do love Him so-
Yes, I’m aware that His pain is truly great, 
For regrettably He knows of His impending fate-
But He also understands My will and love for Him
Will overcome any storm, if He seeks Me to the end-
He knows that one day, you’ll feel just like He does-
And He has to follow through simply because
You will never be as alone as He is here-
He is doing this for you, to be there for your tears-
You will never find another, who knows just where you are,
Or would take upon Himself this world’s deserved scars-
So, when you find your friends slumbering in times of need,
Remember the man you found and how you watched Him bleed.”
I didn’t understand right then everything He said,
And I didn’t know this man in a few days would be dead-
But, the good news is this, He came to life again-
He reconciled me to the Father and became my Savior and friend-

All rights reserved, ã Kathryn Taylor
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