I Run

By Kathryn Taylor

I ran from the pain-
I ran from fear-
I ran in anger
From all held dear-
I ran from love-
I ran from lies-
I ran in blindness
With tear-filled eyes-
I ran from God-
I ran from man-
I ran from the truth-
I left my stand-
I ran from Heaven-
I ran like hell-
I ran just trying
To make voices quell...

When finally I stopped,
And just stood still,
I was tired of runnin’-
I had had my fill-
I had run so far-
And left all behind,
Not sure I’ll ever,
One day again find...

BUT, standing right there,
Still by my side,
Was my Heavenly Father-
I cried and cried...
I begged His forgiveness,
Repented... confessed...
I was sorry for runnin’
And makin’ this mess...
He embraced my heart,
Whispered into my ear,
“I knew where to find you-
I knew you’d come here-
No matter how lost,
I rejoice when found-
Your words of confession,
How sweet the sound!”

I asked of Him,
“What do I do
now that I have
returned to You?”
With love in His eyes
For His prodigal one,
Joyously, He said,
“I want you to... RUN!!
Run... and be not weary-
Run... that ye may obtain-
Run as I have commanded
Run... though not in vain...
Run... and seek my truth-
I shall enlarge your heart-
Run the race before you
That my will for you imparts-
Yes... run with patience-
Run for the prize-
Don’t run with the foolish,
Seek to be wise-
For I saw you from a distance,
My precious little lamb,
I ran and held you tight...
That’s just who I AM-

All rights reserved, ã Kathryn Taylor 2008
Copying without permission for non-personal use is forbidden

Psalm 119:32, Isaiah 40:31, Jeremiah 5:1, 1 Corinthians 9:24, Galatians 2:2, Philippians 2:16, Hebrews 12:1, Luke 15:20

It's so very easy to run from our problems and there are so many ways to do it...

We run...
we all run...
  We run from things...
  We run to things...
  We run physically...
We run emotionally...
Running is bad...
Running is good...

I’m sure most of us have thought as a child,at least once, “I’m going to run away!”  It resides within each one of us.  We run and hide in our sins and addictions.  We use work/careers, books, movies, drugs, alcohol, sex, avoidance, hobbies, sports, other relationships, internet, and phones among other things.

In the story of the prodigal son, I always connected with the older, wiser, jealous brother.  I, too, was angry with the prodigals in my life and thought they deserved rejection and alienation to pay for their poor choices.  God, in His infinite grace and mercy, allowed me to walk a mile in the other son’s shoes.  Let me just say... There is no feeling greater... than loving grace... to be taken back undeservedly... to be restored to your former status... to be loved unconditionally again by your Heavenly Father, who had never quit loving you, even when you were eating slop with pigs.  He is there... a great way off... waiting... watching for His lost to return... ready to RUN to you, take you in His arms... hold your head to His chest and say, “Child, do you know I still love you?”... That’s the kind of parent I wish to be again...