By Kathryn Taylor

It claimed to be my comfort-
It claimed to be my friend-
Claimed to calm my worries…
It helped me to pretend-
It said I would be cool,
said it’d make me fun…
It said so many things
Before leaving me undone-
It knew all of my secrets…
We had one of our own…
It wanted to be with me
So I was not alone-
But, it turned on me quickly-
It turned without a care-
Its grip turned so deadly,
A mighty ghastly snare-
‘Cause that is how it works,
robed in its disguise,
luring me to the center
of its web of hidden lies-
Why didn’t I see it coming?
Why can’t I just go back?
It has changed my life forever,
Never giving any slack…
It has left me here so empty-
It has left me in despair-
There seems no way of escape-
I haven’t got a prayer…
Prayer? Prayer? Yes! Prayer!

I think that I remember…
From somewhere way back when
That prayer is the answer…
It is where I must begin!!
There is only one thing stronger,
Only one thing true enough,
To loosen its grip on me,
And call its lyin’ bluff…..
And that is a Savior,
The Heavenly Prince of Peace…
EVERY IT must bow its knee
At the name of Christ Jesus-

All rights reserved, ã Kathryn Taylor
Copying without permission for non-personal use is forbidden

Let me tell you all about... IT...
What is IT in your life? 
 How does IT have you trapped? 
 Has IT revealed it’s true self to you, yet?  
Have you figured IT out?  
Sometimes, IT is drugs... sometimes IT is alcohol... sometimes IT is a person... sometimes IT is money... sometimes IT is work... sometimes IT is sex... but... all the time, IT is that one thing that enslaves you to ITself.  IT is what keeps you from what you really want deep down inside... peace, love, intimacy, joy, God... yes, God!!  Like an adopted child driven to find their birth parents, there is a void in each one of us to know our Creator.  Some of us spend nearly all of our life trying to fill that very void with every IT  there is.  There are enough ITS out there to waste every moment of our life.  How tragic!!  

I’ve had plenty of ITS in my life.  
And I’ve had God.  
Sadly, I must confess there was a time in my life that I got very, very angry with God.  I turned my back on Him and replaced Him with IT... Alcohol... Like all its, it satisfies.  It worked.  It did what I wanted.  It became my best friend.  I was blind to what IT was really doing in my life.  I had no idea how much IT would rob from me.  I had no idea what other things IT would lead me into...

When I was ready to let IT go... IT was not ready to let me go... what I thought I was in control of, was really in control of me... I returned to God.  I returned to church.  I repented.  I was restored.  I loved God again and was truly remorseful………but IT still had a hold of me!!!!   My life with God before alcohol was easy.  Now, my life with God is hard... all because of IT.  It has taken two years now to completely get IT out of me.  Even after staying away from IT, IT haunted me... it whispered in my head... it reminded me of the good feelings it first gave.  One night, as I cried to God for complete deliverance from IT’s torment, He showed me something.  He told me that whenever I see a sign, a commercial, a bottle, a can, a store, a billboard, and IT reminds me of ITS presence, I was to picture IT as a gravestone, a memorial, a remembrance of each thing IT killed in my life...

IT killed my family.  IT killed my marriage.  IT killed my relationship with my children.  IT killed my relationship with my grandchildren.  IT killed my hopes and my dreams.  And….IT tried to kill my relationship with God.  That is what IT truly is... death.  No matter what IT is in your life... apart from God IT is death.  Nothing but the power and mercy of God... Nothing but the blood of Jesus can kill IT in your life... before IT kills you...

I never, ever want anything but God in that place in my life again.  I will spend the rest of my life guarding my heart and soul from letting IT back into my life... Even though I’ve overcome IT in my life... IT still whispers to me in the dark, “I have your family still... You may have gotten away... but I still have your children...”

The twisting of the knife...
The pains and sorrow of this world...
The incredible evilness of IT...
IT can still be overcome... You begin with PRAYER!!!!!!


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