Letters from War
Dear Dee and Jay .....a letter I wrote when I realized my attitude towards my RADkids was so full of anger and disappointment

Dear Mrs. Social Worker ....a letter I wrote, but never sent, to the social worker who investigated allegations of abuse which caused me to take the kids and run

Dear Mrs. Social Worker- part 2....The fallout after the previous letter's experience

Dear RAD Friends....written to my fellow RAD-moms during a conflict arising on a message board/email group

Dear RAD moms ...by Dee and Jay .....I had my twins write a letter to the RAD-moms on one of my email groups to explain how they saw things

Even if you don't..... by Dee... Written by Dee the night before Thanksgiving... the anniversary of their "personal D-Day" (very hurtful trigger day, when their grandparents gave them away and kept their older sisters)... her birthmother was lying to her about coming to therapy sessions with her... but we got all the hate, instead of birthmom.

Dear Angry-at-me friend ....A letter I wrote in response to a friend extremely upset                              over how the situation above was handled Thanksgiving Day...

To One of My G.I. Joe Sons ... a letter written when my RAD son was facing his first                                deployment to Iraq... He never responded...

Dear RAD mom... from one mother to another... DON'T miss this read!
Personal Letters.......
Professional Letters.....
Teachers....For teachers dealing with RAD kids from Family by Design