Man in the Moon

By Kathryn Taylor

He lives alone... a hermit of sorts...
We have never spoken...
but I have known him all of my life.
He knows more about me than most people do. 
He knows things I have never confessed, and what some
would never believe.  I would recognize his face anywhere... He...
is the Man in the Moon.

He has been there from my earliest memories... framed in my bedroom window with the frilly pink curtains.  He was wiser than the hooting, old owl down by the barn... more alert than the hound dogs yapping at scurrying night creatures... and more hushed than the footsteps in the hall.
I remember the Man in the Moon, always nestled safely in the heavens, surrounded by his lunar glow.  Countless times... I saw his helpless expression as he spied into my window.  Night after night, I stared up at him wondering why it was that he chose to watch over me.  I often wondered what he was thinking... If he had had arms... would he have reached down to protect me?  If he had had legs... would he have run to hold me after someone had left?  I remember his somber, shadowy eyes and the concern they held.  He saw what happened in the secret of the night.  With his mouth agape, he would shout at someone to leave me alone... but he was so very far away, no one could hear him.  And, I am quite sure he did not have ears... but if he did... he would have heard my silent screams.

I am all grown up now... and he is still out there.  In the stillness of the night, I roll over in bed; my husband is asleep.  I gaze out of our window, and even though I am a thousand miles away and my window is now bordered with white lace curtains, my man in the moon has followed me here.  He sends his light into my room in case I am still afraid.  Smiling up at him I whisper, "I'm all right, now", but he still cannot hear me.  This time, I am glad he cannot, because I am afraid he would go away if he knew that I was.  I imagine him going to another's window... leaving me all alone in the blackness of night.  Selfishly, I want him to be there for me until the end of time.

I lie here thanking God for the moon and the stars and His wondrous creation... for everything He has given me. Then, I chuckle to think how my 'man in the moon' reminds me of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ... who was sent just for me... to reach down and protect me in strange ways... to hold me on nights when I think I will die... to be with me no matter where I go... or how OK I am... and to be my light in the darkness of life. Thank You, God.

1994 All rights reserved, ã Kathryn Taylor
Copying without permission for non-personal use is forbidden

To the parents whose kids have been abused:
Many of our children have suffered the horror of sexual abuse. It's fallout, in my opinion, probably has the biggest trail of pain, and is one of the hardest of all abuses to overcome.   Some of our children were victims.  Our children had no choice in what was
happening to them.  But, even though they were victims, I
believe they still experience the affects of the sin perpetrated
against them.

Some of our children are acting out sexually. Some are sexually
active with their peers. Others, sad to say, are seeking to victimize smaller children, repeating the patterns of abuse.  It is very sad that any child should be faced with any of these circumstances.  Do what you can as parents to prevent it.  We feel guilty when we find out it has happened to a child within our personal world.   It’s even worse when a child we know and love does it to another child we know or love.  All we can do is the best we can.  Take precautions.  Try and educate.  Address it properly when you find out about it.  Do what you need to do when you know one of your children could be a perpetrator.  Get professionals involved when necessary.  And... pray, pray, pray.

Sexual abuse touches the lives of so many children.  It also lives in the memories of some adults... either way, it must be confronted or it will bring darkness to many lives...