Ode to Matchdotcom

Do you ever struggle with distracting yourself from living the life you know you should?  Do you get into relationships that lead you farther away from God, just to get hurt?
How do you get to really know someone without getting too involved, before finding out?

by Kathryn Taylor
It can be so very easy
to wander from your goals,
when easily distracted
with things that rob your soul...
from all you've meant to do,
and all you've hoped to be,
replacing with simple pleasures
that bind instead of free...
And as you wander further,
further down the way,
it's easy to lose sight
and blur the black to grey~
Sweet pleasure's warm embrace
quickens your heart with fun,
lulling your soul to sleep
from the journey you'd begun...
Farther and farther down the path,
deeper into the grey,
'til all of a sudden you find yourself
in someone else's mad melee~
It becomes all that you are,
no divine purpose or call,
but now you love this life,
ignoring writing on the wall~
Tired of the drunken nights...
No desire for any more...
And now this fun~filled life
seems more like a daily chore~
Life is oh, so different now...
never a touch or loving glance,
nothing more than mere companions
when I'm dying for romance...
why is it that he flirts with her?
when I'd give him all my love?...
Maybe her intruding presence
is really rescue from above...
What else could break this wicked spell
of how my path has gone awry??
I love him so much... can't walk away...
to God on high I cry~
With twisted heart and soul hell~bent,
I muster my strength within,
running back to my Savior's embrace,
where now I must fall again...
How many times, oh God on high,
must I put us both through this!?
why can't I just stay on the path
and avoid this wretched mess?!
So many times I think I hear
that still small voice inside...
I tell myself I'm imagining,
and turn the music back up high...
All the slightest of hesitations,
the subtle and blatant signs,
fleeting in... darting out...
within my wayward mind,
And now my heart's entangled
with another's once again,
feeling the tearing of flesh
as I consequence my sin~
I find myself wondering
just where I'd be right now
If I'd quit straying from my destiny, 
keeping my hands upon the plow....
How many lives have I wounded
by not being where I should,
whose paths I was meant to cross??....
It may never be understood~
take this cold ice princess...
this daughter who runs away...
take the what ifs and the whys
and the tears I cry, I pray...
take from all that I've missed,
the furies I've endured...
remind me someone's out there,
someone worth waiting for ...
give me the strength to rebuild faith...
Let me become fully restored,
as I dust off my heavenly armor,
reaching for helmet and sword...
As I enter a new chapter of life,
Let this pain not turn into hate,
for I long to have a destiny
instead of consequences of fate...

All rights reserved, © Kathryn Taylor
Copying without permission for non-personal use is forbidden.

♪♫♪♫...trying to live and love with a heart that can't be broken...is like trying to see the light with eyes that can't be open....♪♫♪♫

by Thompson Square