Prisoners of War
There are POWs, MIAs, and other silent victims of RAD and other behavioral disorders. 
Yes, moms are the primary targets and almost always the most affected by RAD life.  But, they are not the only ones suffering... Husbands are often neglected due to all the extra energy demanded by the troubled children... The siblings, and other children in the family are often victimized by the troubled children, as well as, left to fend for themselves on a regular basis.  Even though the parents would willingly and lovingly give the normal children the attention they need and desire, the troubled children rob, steal, or demand it all, creating crisis after crisis.

I also believe that our friends and extended family members, as well as teachers, therapists, etc. are also victims in this war.  Because our children are incredibly good at what they do, these people are often left to live with the lie.  So many have become critical and angry with no hope for reconciliation and understanding.  Because to get it, they would have to believe what they cannot see...

Kathryn Taylor

Dealing with the Public

Showgirl.... our children are star quality actors

Stranger Talk.....An imaginary conversation I wanted to have with a stranger sweetalking my children, based on real event

What About the Siblings?...

In a Sibling's Own Words... A Michigan teen shares her views
Sibling Rivalry... how have things changed in our home?
On the Outside Looking In... As new members marry into the family

Complications in Friendships

Are you brokenhearted over losing friends?...

Could You Not Tarry?....Are you losing friends and support, one by one..
My Child, My River.....written for friends and family to help them understand life with RAD
Proof of Friendship....good friends are few and far between
Cinderella-The Real Story... fairy tales are not our friends... my story, the way I see it
Walk A you find yourself begging people to understand?
For You....There's only one true friend, tried and true who died for you
Cancer of the does the community around us respond?  What if it were cancer, instead of RAD

Sometimes, we just need a break... to regroup ... to re-energize... to find that place we need to be in order to love our kids better... Here is a LINK that helps you deal with the issue of respite for your child...
...When we have serious problems going on in our families, we cannot follow the world's rules on making and keeping friends.  Society has come to accept and embrace families dealing with physical and other obvious handicaps, but take a child who appears normal in every way and convince someone of the nightmare we live in on a daily basis...  or be going through a divorce... or trying to blend a family when there are old friends, visitation rights, extended ex-family members... Things can be a little tougher whether you are the sufferer or the one trying to be a good friend.