Sumsay is a Fool
By Kathryn Taylor

Sumsay… there is NO God-
Sumsay… Evolution is real-
Sumsay… there is NO heaven or hell-
Sumsay… do what is right in your own eyes-

Sumsay is foolish. He does not really think his beliefs all the way through, because if Sumsay was right about these beliefs, if there is no God, then there is no creator-
If there is no creator, that makes evolution true-
If evolution is true, then mankind came from a rock. We are just primordial soup. If there Is no hereafter, then we have no soul. If we have no soul, then a person is no more valuable than a tree or a worm. Where does that leave humanity?
Regardless of where his beliefs leave mankind, I am sure that Sumsay believes whole-heartedly in his “God given rights”… oops!!! I mean his “evolutionary rights”. Whatever those might be! But, seriously, if a human were no different than any other thing on this planet, what rights do we have? We can put a living worm on a hook and feed it to a slimy trout. Then, we can kill the trout, gut it, and fry it for dinner. So, what would be wrong about feeding people to lions? What is the difference between cutting down a tree for firewood and killing an unwanted child? What right do we have to get paid for labor? Have a roof over our head? Be respected or loved? To not be assaulted or robbed? Survival of the fittest, right???  
How in the world can people not see that there has to be a God? There has to be a creator. We have to have souls. How is it not completely clear that Someone or Something bigger than mankind is responsible for this beautiful earth? How can you watch the seasons change, a water fall, a sun rise, a moon get full, a flower bloom, a child be born and convince yourself it all happened by chance from an explosion of nothing?  
I believe that Sumsay is a master denialist. If he can convince himself that there is no God, that evolution is true, then he can do whatever he wants. He can live however he wants, without consequences or feeling guilty. It is funny though… Sumsay always wants his unalienable rights. I wonder if Sumsay knows that all the rights and freedoms he cherishes come straight from God. Our value and worth as humans comes from God. Our ability to love and be loved comes from God. Our ability to reason and think, unlike a tree or a worm, comes from God. Most of our laws come from God. Not to kill… not to cheat… not to lie… not to steal… not to have more than one spouse… not to treat people badly… all come from God!! None of these things would be wrong in an evolutionary world. It is only wrong because way back when… God said it WAS.
If you are a Sumsay, I dare you to read the Bible to see what it says. If you are a Sumsay, I dare you to listen to educated scientists who believe in creation and see what proof they have. You have nothing to lose… except your soul… or… do you have one?  

Either there is a God or there isn’t!! Sumsay and I cannot both be right. Either he is right and I have lost nothing over my beliefs and I’ll just turn back into primordial soup when I die, or if Sumsay is wrong, there is a God. He created the earth. He created heaven and hell. He created man. He gave him a soul. He said when we die our soul will live on and Sumsay will lose the soul he doesn’t believe he has and it will spend eternity in hell, a place he doesn’t believe exists FOREVER…
Do you believe what sumsay?

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For this saith the Lord that created the heavens; God himself that formed the earth and made it; he hath established it, he created it not in vain, he formed it to be inhabited: I am the Lord; and there is none else.
Isaiah 45: 18

Where do our beliefs of the origin of the world come from?  Is what we are taught in school correct?  What determines our laws?  What distinguishes what is right or wrong?