The reality of seeing your friends slip away, one by one, is an experience I wish on no one...

Walk a Mile
By Kathryn Taylor

Come walk a mile with me, my friend,
See if you can keep in stride,
But watch your step - I'm warning you-
Many before have tried-
No longer do they walk with me-
They got lost along the way,
turning their backs, shunning me,
unsure of what to say,
except for the fact they think that I
am the reason my child is RAD-
It must be the way I'm parenting,
That has made him go so bad-
I don't know how to make you see,
To ensure you won't leave as well-
I hold my heart and pray real hard,
But only time will tell-
Oh, how I wish a friend to have,
Whose brave enough to try,
To stand right here and be with me,
Then walk with me a while-
This job is so lonely you see,
I love 'til it hurts and more,
How easier with an allie at arms
To assist me in this war-
My shoes are so ragged and torn,
But if you'll wear them for a while,
I'm sure it'll help at ending the risk
Of forever losing this child-

Thank you, my friend-

All rights reserved, ã Kathryn Taylor
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