Why God?
By Kathryn Taylor

My anger stirs at God
For just sitting way up there-
Why did He spare His wrath
As if He didn’t care?
How can I call Him Father,
When He didn’t keep me safe?
Was I just not good enough?
To Him, was I only a waif?
How could He let it happen?
Why did He turn His back?
He’s no one to be trusted-
I know this for a fact-
And, the more I think about 
Just how my God should be,
The more I begin to realize
This God is not for me!

Then, one night, I had a dream-
My brother was in distress-
He was crying out for help-
He was in a dreadful mess-
Instead of trying to help,
His friends all ran away-
His mom cried, “Father, save Him!
Don’t let it end this way!”
But, He was all alone
To face the abuse He bore-
Not even God intervened,
Coming to settle the score-
I stared at His blood-stained feet,
The ones that walked on water-
I looked at His nail-staked hands,
That had the healing touch of His father-
I gazed at the crown of thorns,
That should have been purest gold-
I touched the wound in His side,
His body, growing cold-
I saw His tear-streaked face,
Not shed for Himself at all,
But shed for a sin-filled world,
That couldn’t understand His call-
But, even though He understood,
He still felt all the pain
Of being alone and unjustly killed 
To cleanse our crimson stain-
What did Jesus see in God,
That I’m not able to see?
How was God a father to Him,
That I won’t let Him be?
Help me to trust You,
Like Jesus did as if blind-
Instill faith deep in my heart,
So deep that Satan can’t find-
Reveal to me a spark of hope 
For the purpose of my life-
Show me a glimpse of glory
That you’ll bring out of my strife-
Help me to see the God
 I need to see so clearly,
And help me to know the Father,
Whom Jesus knew loved Him dearly- Amen

1997 All rights reserved, ã Kathryn Taylor
Copying without permission for non-personal use is forbidden

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Why God?
by Kathryn Taylor 
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